Friday, May 22, 2015

Top 10 Money-making Illustration Gigs

If you're in the business of creating illustrations, and are thinking of offering your services on Fiverr, you may want to consider the top best selling gigs. Fiverr's "High Rating" listing lists the following gigs as the top 10:

  1. I will draw line drawing illustration that is hand drawn
  2. I will draw your MOM or wife for Mothers Day
  3. I will provide royalty free High definition stock photos
  4. I will draw whatever you want in my style
  5. I will create pixel art of your choice
  6. I will draw artistic illustration you need
  7. I will draw you AMAZING Vector Portrait
  8. I will create an Epic PODCAST Cover Art
  9. I will make a sketch of any character, as you wish
  10. I will do super detail line art
Now it's time to test whether the highest rated gigs are also the best paying gigs. Here's the list of the top 10 highest paying gigs in the same category:

  1.  I will draw line drawing illustration that is hand drawn (expected income this week: $185)
  2. I will create 1 fun and original ink ebook illustration ($165)
  3. I will paint your portrait in watercolors or draw in pencil ($80)
  4. I will draw artistic illustration you need ($80)
  5. I will draw an illustration for a story book ($75)
  6. I will draw a character you want ($70)
  7. I will illustrate anything you want in VECTORS ($65)
  8. I will create characters for  kids ($60)
  9. I will draw Vibrant Funny and Cute Childrens Books ($60)
  10. I will draw, illustrate, create design ($60)
The average response time for these gigs is 7.3 hours. Overall it would seem that gigs for books/e-books are among the most successful ones.

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