Friday, May 29, 2015

So you want to offer online marketing gigs for $5

But what gigs should you offer to generate the most revenue? While reporting expected earnings per category has its merits, it's time to run some comparative analytics to see which types of gigs have the most promise in the online marketing category.

In terms of demand, SEO gigs are the clear winner. The graph above shows the number of placed orders for different Fiverr online marketing categories as of 5/26/2015. SEO gigs dominate the demand with a whopping 2791 orders compared to only 52 in the domain research category. After SEO gigs, the next best-selling gigs are related to articles and PR submission (708 orders).

If you want to set your hopes high, it might be worth looking at the top sellers in these categories. On average, the top 10 SEO sellers make $130.77 per day, with earnings ranging anywhere between $9.48 and $280 per day, so there's quite a bit of variability there - and these are the top sellers. In the article writing category, average earnings for top sellers are at about half what SEO sellers make ($62.74 per day) and range between $25.83 and $86.67 per day.

But if you're not a top seller, you can set more realistic expectations based on your seller rating:

If you're a new seller:

  • SEO: $3.05 per day
  • Web Analytics: $3.14 per day
  • Article Submission: $5 per day
  • Blog mentions: $ 2.67
  • Domain search: $3.75

If you're a Level 1 seller:
  • SEO: $2.84 per day
  • Web Analytics: $2.5 per day
  • Article Submission: $1.35 per day
  • Blog Mentions: $2.95 per day
  • Domain search: $2.5
Level 2 sellers:
  • SEO: $9.38 per day
  • Web Analytics: $4.16 per day
  • Article Submission: $7.81 per day
  • Blog mentions: $4.50
  • Domain search: $4.56
Top rated sellers:
  • SEO: $31.80 per day
  • Web Analytics: $8.27 per day
  • Article Submission: $13.49 per day
  • Blog mentions: $6.40
  • Domain search: $7
Happy gigin'!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SEO Gigs: A brief Infographic

Social Marketing on Fiverr: How much can you expect to earn?

We start off the week with a look at Fiverr's top sellers in the Social Marketing category. This is one of those areas that websites and blogs often talk about as a well-paying strategy on Fiverr, and there's surely no lack of offer. But how well does it really do? Here's a breakdown based on number of orders reported for each seller as of 5/25/2015:

  1. I will promote Your Paid Kindle Book As A Featured Book On My Kindle Site For My Book Loving Audience
  2. I will do a tremendous Social Marketing Promotion for 2,000,000
  3. I will promote your YouTube Video for a full month
  4. I will get you 5000 Real and SAFE Worldwide YouTube Views
  5. I will do 600 social signals from pr9 pr10 sites for your url, quality work
  6. I will tweet your message to 100k REAL college students on Twitter
  7. I will build 20 PR9 seo optimized backlinks, Panda Penguin safe
  8. I will promote ONE of your links using TribePro url will be shared over 200 Plus times
  9. I will do Social Signals 230 Facebook share, 210 Twitter 100 pin 65 G plus 80 Linkedin
  10. I will make Facebook Page with professional look
These are the top 10 sellers in this category, and are expected to make at least between $115 (#10) to $500 (#1). Broken down by the average time it takes these sellers to fill an order, the estimated income per day ranges between $16.21 (#3) and $97.5 (#6). As in the previous categories, average response time for top sellers is 1 day or less.

It's a little surprising that these earnings are modest, given the hype that social marketing has. Logo design remains a top money-maker on Fiverr, with top earnings ranging between $600 - $1600

Monday, May 25, 2015

Linked Article: On (not) getting by in the gig economy

"For four weeks this winter, spread out over a six-week period to avoid the holidays, I hustled for work in the gig economy. [...] I decided that I would accept any gigs I could get my hands on in pursuit of my goal: I would use the slick technology and shimmering promise of the Silicon Valley-created gig economy to beat Capitol Hill's $10.10 per hour proposal. How hard could it be?"

---- Pixel and Dimed blogger Sarah Kessler on her experiece in the gig economy.

Read the full article here.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fiverr Logos - Top Sellers

Logo design on Fiverr is a money-making strategy. The top 10 highest paying gigs in the Logo category are the following, each listed with the current number of orders and gig tags:

  1. I will do a logo design
    • orders: 327 
    • tags: logo; design; website
  2. I will design OUTSTANDING Logo
    • orders: 324
    • tags: branding; identity; icon
  3. I will design a Retro  Vintage LOGO 
    • orders: 237
    • tags: retro; vintage; logo
  4. I will create eye catching LOGO with unlimited revisions 
    • orders: 214
    • tags: logos; professional; revisions
  5. I will design an impressive logo
    • orders: 154
    • tags: corporate identity; logo designer; 3d text
  6. I will do a Logo 
    • orders: 152
    •  tags: logo; design; graphic
  7. I will design a UNIQUE logo for your company 
    • orders: 152
    • tags: company; vector; custom logo
  8. I will create 5 LOGO variations plus a free 3d sample 
    • orders: 149
    • tags: brand identity; artwork; custom logo
  9. I will design Professional Logo 
    • orders: 138
    • tags: logo design; brand identity; professional
  10. I will design Eye Catching LOGO with Express Delivery 
    • orders: 123
    • tags: profesional; logo maker; creative design
These top sellers are making at least between $600 and $1600 per week, and the majority are advertising modern-style, classic logos. The average response time ranges between 1 hour and 1 day for these top sellers.

Text analysis of the highest selling gigs shows that the following words and phrases come up again and again:

  •  logo design 
  •  high quality 
  •  gig extras 
  •  your business 
  •  fast delivery 
  •  quality logo
  •  money back guarantee 
  •  unlimited revisions
  • guarantee

Friday, May 22, 2015

Top 10 Money-making Illustration Gigs

If you're in the business of creating illustrations, and are thinking of offering your services on Fiverr, you may want to consider the top best selling gigs. Fiverr's "High Rating" listing lists the following gigs as the top 10:

  1. I will draw line drawing illustration that is hand drawn
  2. I will draw your MOM or wife for Mothers Day
  3. I will provide royalty free High definition stock photos
  4. I will draw whatever you want in my style
  5. I will create pixel art of your choice
  6. I will draw artistic illustration you need
  7. I will draw you AMAZING Vector Portrait
  8. I will create an Epic PODCAST Cover Art
  9. I will make a sketch of any character, as you wish
  10. I will do super detail line art
Now it's time to test whether the highest rated gigs are also the best paying gigs. Here's the list of the top 10 highest paying gigs in the same category:

  1.  I will draw line drawing illustration that is hand drawn (expected income this week: $185)
  2. I will create 1 fun and original ink ebook illustration ($165)
  3. I will paint your portrait in watercolors or draw in pencil ($80)
  4. I will draw artistic illustration you need ($80)
  5. I will draw an illustration for a story book ($75)
  6. I will draw a character you want ($70)
  7. I will illustrate anything you want in VECTORS ($65)
  8. I will create characters for  kids ($60)
  9. I will draw Vibrant Funny and Cute Childrens Books ($60)
  10. I will draw, illustrate, create design ($60)
The average response time for these gigs is 7.3 hours. Overall it would seem that gigs for books/e-books are among the most successful ones.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mining Fiverr so you don't have to!

If you are interested in selling on Fiverr, chances are you have tried to do a little market research of your own, with probably little luck.
  • What sells best? 
  • What keywords should you use? 
  • How much money can you expect to make?
There are lots of sites that give plenty of advice on the matter, but most are based on anecdotal evidence and one person's ideas and views. However, if you are looking for a more quantitative approach, you've come to the right place. On this blog, I will post analytics on the top sellers and what sets them apart from the rest, using the best data mining techniques and tools. Stay tuned!