Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fiverr Logos - Top Sellers

Logo design on Fiverr is a money-making strategy. The top 10 highest paying gigs in the Logo category are the following, each listed with the current number of orders and gig tags:

  1. I will do a logo design
    • orders: 327 
    • tags: logo; design; website
  2. I will design OUTSTANDING Logo
    • orders: 324
    • tags: branding; identity; icon
  3. I will design a Retro  Vintage LOGO 
    • orders: 237
    • tags: retro; vintage; logo
  4. I will create eye catching LOGO with unlimited revisions 
    • orders: 214
    • tags: logos; professional; revisions
  5. I will design an impressive logo
    • orders: 154
    • tags: corporate identity; logo designer; 3d text
  6. I will do a Logo 
    • orders: 152
    •  tags: logo; design; graphic
  7. I will design a UNIQUE logo for your company 
    • orders: 152
    • tags: company; vector; custom logo
  8. I will create 5 LOGO variations plus a free 3d sample 
    • orders: 149
    • tags: brand identity; artwork; custom logo
  9. I will design Professional Logo 
    • orders: 138
    • tags: logo design; brand identity; professional
  10. I will design Eye Catching LOGO with Express Delivery 
    • orders: 123
    • tags: profesional; logo maker; creative design
These top sellers are making at least between $600 and $1600 per week, and the majority are advertising modern-style, classic logos. The average response time ranges between 1 hour and 1 day for these top sellers.

Text analysis of the highest selling gigs shows that the following words and phrases come up again and again:

  •  logo design 
  •  high quality 
  •  gig extras 
  •  your business 
  •  fast delivery 
  •  quality logo
  •  money back guarantee 
  •  unlimited revisions
  • guarantee

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