Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Social Marketing on Fiverr: How much can you expect to earn?

We start off the week with a look at Fiverr's top sellers in the Social Marketing category. This is one of those areas that websites and blogs often talk about as a well-paying strategy on Fiverr, and there's surely no lack of offer. But how well does it really do? Here's a breakdown based on number of orders reported for each seller as of 5/25/2015:

  1. I will promote Your Paid Kindle Book As A Featured Book On My Kindle Site For My Book Loving Audience
  2. I will do a tremendous Social Marketing Promotion for 2,000,000
  3. I will promote your YouTube Video for a full month
  4. I will get you 5000 Real and SAFE Worldwide YouTube Views
  5. I will do 600 social signals from pr9 pr10 sites for your url, quality work
  6. I will tweet your message to 100k REAL college students on Twitter
  7. I will build 20 PR9 seo optimized backlinks, Panda Penguin safe
  8. I will promote ONE of your links using TribePro url will be shared over 200 Plus times
  9. I will do Social Signals 230 Facebook share, 210 Twitter 100 pin 65 G plus 80 Linkedin
  10. I will make Facebook Page with professional look
These are the top 10 sellers in this category, and are expected to make at least between $115 (#10) to $500 (#1). Broken down by the average time it takes these sellers to fill an order, the estimated income per day ranges between $16.21 (#3) and $97.5 (#6). As in the previous categories, average response time for top sellers is 1 day or less.

It's a little surprising that these earnings are modest, given the hype that social marketing has. Logo design remains a top money-maker on Fiverr, with top earnings ranging between $600 - $1600

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